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______1.   Materials formatted correctly (proper font, spacing, page numbers, chapter pages, professional appearance, no
"gimmicks" such as multiple colors or overly-flowery sales pitches)
______2.  Edited and spell-checked; there are no errors or typos
______3.  SASE with proper stamps if you want materials returned to you
______4.  Materials are addressed correctly with attention to the correct person
______5.  Your complete contact information is included
______6.  Submission Guidelines or instructions have been followed as set out on website or in email


______1.  Correct format including return address, phone number, and email address
______2.  Salutation is to the correct person
______3.  First paragraph contains:
______  Reference to any previous communication or information regarding who referred you
______  Hook into the story (optional)
______  Title of your book and the theme
______  Approximate number of words or pages
______  Whether it is fiction or non-fiction; particular genre.
______  Confirmation that the ms is completed
______4. Second (and third) paragraph contains description of your book, like a mini synopsis
______5. Subsequent paragraph includes background information about you
______  Published before and details
______  Education
______  Experience related to the topic of the book
______  Indicate if you are wanting to publish the book pseudonymously
______  Other
______6. Closing
______  Complete contact information including email address, mailing address, and phone number (if not provided above)
______  Indicate if you would like the materials returned to you and if it is okay to write on your submission.


______1.  Proper number of pages as requested, or if not specified, up to 10 pages, double spaced, with name, brief title
with "Synopsis", and page number on each page in right top corner.
______2. Written in present tense and in third person, even if your book is written in first person.
______3. Introductory paragraph: hook, setting the scene for your book, leading from general concept into specific theme
or themes
______4. Paragraphs presenting the plot and sub-plots, main characters, conflict, and resolution/conclusion of story
______5. Conclusion paragraph


______1.  Cover page with your name, title of the book, approximate number of pages, and contact information
______2.  Format:  double-spaced; all pages should have your name, a brief title, and a page number (top right corner preferred)
______3. Overview paragraphs:  like a synopsis; write the overview as if this is the only paragraph (or paragraphs) a
reader will ever see about your book.
______4. Biographical information: your professional information, writing credentials (list titles and publication details),
education (degrees and school names), and other information to show you are the best person to write this book.  (Note:
this should be very factual with specific details, not be a sales pitch or like the "blurb" on the back of a book.)
______5. Target Market:  The demographics for the readers who will want to buy your book
______6. Competition analysis:  Other books on the same topic and how your book is different or similar
______7. Promotions and marketing:  Unique things about you, your circumstances, and what you can do that will help
sell the book to readers
______8. Chapter Outline:  2-3 sentences about each chapter
______9. One to three sample chapters, plus the book's Introduction (The book's Introduction is about the entire book,
including the ending, written in present tense.)  If sample chapters are hard to distinguish, include the first 50 pages.  
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(c) 1992  Lisa A. Landolt.  All rights reserved.  This checklist may be reproduced as long as copyright holder is identified on all copies.  Do not repost on
the Internet without written permission from copyright holder.